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Le quick duel cup #1 written by JacquesMartin, 2012-04-26 11:25 CEST (0 comments)

Hopefully this name isn't copyrighted already

Hi everybody I'm JacquesMartin. I'm a long-time duelist and would like to host my own duel cup. I have participated to a few cups but become bored because 1- they last too long 2- there is too few surprising outcomes. So the goal of le quick duel cup is to be as intense but shorter than any quick duel cup that have ever been run thanks to special rules. And, because it's quick, to possibly have some favorites loosing to outsiders.

Cup format :
Mode: Duel promod
Date: Sunday, May 6th
Time: Check-in 14:30. Please be there on time !
Rules: 2x5 min duels with no overtime. Most frag over the 2 wins.
Format: Single elimination

Map pool: wdm : 2, 3, 5, 6, 12, 14, 15, 17test, and acidwdm2
IRC : #lqcup
Report scores to: JacquesMartin

Max end time for :
5-8 players 16:00
9-16 players 16:15
17-32 players 16:30
33-64 players 16:45

Additionnal infos :
* Max 3 min total warmup, please
* Coinflip winner chooses 1st map. It's opponent chooses 2nd map.
* You can vote a non-pool map but your opponent must agree to play it.
* Sudden death scoring should be ignored, except if both match go into sudden death : in this case, second sudden death decides winner.
* If the frag average is tied (for example 7-9 and 14-12) the one that choosed map first wins
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